Krishna & Neminath

Scriptures say that Neminath is the twenty-second Jaina tirthankara and he is Krishna’s cousin, Scriptures also mention Krishna’s meetings with Neminath. Whenever Neminath happens to visit his town Krishna goes to pay his respects to him. It is significant that when Neminath comes, Krishna pays him a visit; Neminath never goes to visit Krishna. A renunciate is not expected to pay his respects to a non-renunciate; it is very difficult. A renunciate becomes harsh, he tears himself away from all relationships and attachments. So while Neminath remains Krishna’s cousin from Krishna’s side, Krishna is no one to Neminath. He never goes to Krishna to ask, ”How are you?” He has renounced the world. In the dimension of vairagya or non-attachment, one has to drop all associations and their ensuing attachments and become absolutely alone. No one is his friend and no one is his enemy. So the question of Krishna being linked with him in some esoteric venture simply does not arise.
Moreover, Neminath is not in a position to help. Krishna spiritually, because he is one-dimensional. On the contrary, Krishna can very well help his cousin, because he is multidimensional. Krishna knows many things Neminath does not know, and he can know on his own what Neminath knows. Krishna is total; he covers the whole of life. Neminath is partial: he lives, and lives fully, but only in one particular dimension of life. Therefore, although Neminath is a very significant figure in Krishna’s time, he does not leave his imprint on history.

~ OSHO – Krishna The man & his Philosphy chapter 16

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