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General Wisdom quotes & sayings from Masters & Mystique’s across the Globe

Vipassana Technique

Vipassana can be done in three ways ¯ you can choose which one suits you the best. The first is: Awareness of your actions, your body, your mind, your heart. Walking, you should walk with awareness. Moving your hand, you should move with awareness, knowing perfectly that you are moving the hand. You can move it without any consciousness, like a mechanical thing. You are on a morning walk; you can go on walking without being aware of your feet. Be alert of the movements of your body. While eating, be alert of the movements that are needed for eating. Taking a shower, be alert of the coolness that is coming to you, the water falling on you and the tremendous joy of it…. Just be alert. It should not go on happening in an unconscious state.
And the same about your mind: whatever thought passes on the screen of your mind, just be a watcher. Whatever emotion passes on the screen of your heart, just remain a witness ¯ don’t get involved, don’t get identified, don’t evaluate what is good, what is bad; that is not part of your meditation. Your meditation has to be choiceless awareness.
You will be able one day even to see very subtle moods: how sadness settles in you just like the night is slowly, slowly settling around the world, how suddenly a small thing makes you joyous.
Just be a witness. Don’t think, ‘I am sad.’ Just know, ‘There is sadness around me, there is joy around me. I am confronting a certain emotion or a certain mood.’ But you are always far away: a watcher on the hills, and everything else is going on in the valley. This is one of the ways Vipassana can be done.

~ Osho, The New Dawn, Talk #16

Ambition and misery !

A happy man is never ambitious. There is no need for him to be happy if he is ambitious, or if he is happy there is no need for him to be ambitious. Both things cannot exist together. If you are happy, ambition disappears; if you are ambitious you are miserable. Only in misery ambition grows. Ambition simply means you are not happy the way you are.
What dreams do you want to fulfill? That means the reality that you are living in is not giving you contentment, it is not enough; you want something more. Only a miserable mind wants something more. The very idea of the “more” is out of misery. But you seem to be very unconscious of your misery, or maybe very cunning. You don’t want to recognize it, you don’t want to confess it.

~ OSHO : Zen The Special Transmission, Chapter 10


When your love, joy, and peace depend on someone else, there is no way you can be loving, joyful, and peaceful all the time.

~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Meditator never gets OLD

A meditator never becomes old. The body certainly becomes old – it follows the law of the earth – but the meditator never becomes old because he knows that he is not the body. He is consciousness and consciousness is beyond time. It is always young, always fresh. – OSHO

Vegetarianism & Violence

“ Until men will massacre the animals, they will kill each other. Verily, he who sows the seeds of pain and death , cannot collect love and joy. “
~ Pythagoras