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Your thoughts have no roots, they have no home; they wander just like clouds. So you need not fight them, you need not be against them, you need not even try to stop thoughts.
This should become a deep understanding in you, because whenever a person becomes interested in meditation he starts trying to stop thinking. And if you try to stop thoughts they will never be stopped, because the very effort to stop is a thought, the very effort to meditate is a thought, the very effort to attain buddhahood is a thought. And how can you stop a thought by another thought? How can you stop mind by creating another mind? Then you will be clinging to the other. And this will go on and on, ad nauseam; then there is no end to it.
Don´t fight – because who will fight? Who are you? Just a thought, so don´t make yourself a battleground of one thought fighting another. Rather, be a witness, you just watch thoughts floating. They stop, but not by your stopping. They stop by your becoming more aware, not by any effort on your part to stop them.
– Tantra the Supreme Understanding, chapter 2

Divine figure

On 27 November 1927 Swami Shivananda went to Varanasi; it was his last visit. He stayed in the Ramakrishna Advaita Ashrama for nearly two months and initiated quite a number of people. Shivananda was in an exalted mood in Varanasi.
One morning when the monks of both ashramas came to greet him, the swami said: “Look, I had a very delightful experience last night. In the dead of night I suddenly saw before me a divine figure of white complexion with matted hair and three eyes. His luminous form lighted up the whole place. Ah, what a beautiful, lovely, compassionate face! The vision roused my spiritual energy upward, and my whole being was gradually absorbed in divine bliss. In the meantime I saw that the form gradually vanished, and in its place stood Sri Ramakrishna with a smiling face. Pointing to me, the Master said, ‘You will have to live a little longer, for you still have something more to do.’ As the Master said this, my mind came down to the normal plane and the body began functioning as usual. It is all his will. I was in a blissful state. The Master is none other than Vishwanath himself.”
A curious monk asked: “Did you have the vision in a dream?” “No, no,” replied the swami,”I was wide awake.”

Be fluidic

Life is fluid, ever evolving. The more dynamic you are, the more happens in your life, all the time.

~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


Sorrow needs to be lived through and gotten rid of. It should not be suppressed.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Life Saver

Once Swami Turiyananda said: “One night in Ujjain, I was sleeping under a tree. A storm came, and suddenly someone touched me. I got up and at once a branch fell on the spot where I had slept.” Sri Ramakrishna had saved his life.