This Blog intends to help Seekers & Spiritual enthusiasts in their quest for Self-Realization/Liberation/Bliss/Perfection/Enlightenment/Knowledge/Salvation etc by gathering random Wisdom & Spiritual quotes by Enlightened Masters & Mystiques around the Globe there by inspiring them to choose their PATH.

This Blog also hopes to correct/rectify/remove errors/mistakes occurred/made deliberately while writing the history of INDIA better known as BHARATH based on Historical facts/evidences, thereby unmasking some so called “HISTORICAL GREATS” !!!

This blog also should help seekers for knowing/learning/exploring the science behind many Rituals & Customs followed in our country BHARATH with deeper spiritual meanings.

This blog further intends to decode Hinduism originally called Sanatana Dharma & spread the Knowledge & Wisdom (as perceived/understood) of the VEDAS the most ancient texts which are the fountain head of knowledge in a more easy & receptive manner thereby clearing doubts in the minds of the sincere spiritual seekers & enthusiasts.

This blog is a Humble effort (and in NO WAY a Complete Encyclopedia) to inspire seekers to walk on the path of Spirituality …

True incidents of disciples of great Masters have also been added in the blog to increase the faith of the seekers on their respective Gurus in their Quest !!!

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Jai Guru Dev !!!