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Watching leads to NO Mind

How does watching lead to no-mind?’”
There is an intrinsic law: thoughts don’t have their own life. They are parasites; they live on your identifying with them. When you say, ” ‘I am angry’,” you are pouring life energy into anger, because you are getting identified with anger.
But when you say, ” ‘I am watching anger flashing on the screen of the mind within me’” you are not anymore giving any life, any juice, any energy to anger. You will be able to see that because you are not identified, the anger is absolutely impotent, has no impact on you, does not change you, does not affect you. It is absolutely hollow and dead. It will pass on and it will leave the sky clean and the screen of the mind empty.
Slowly, slowly you start getting out of your thoughts. That’s the whole process of witnessing and watching. In other words– — George Gurdjieff used to call it non-identification– — you are no more longer identifying with your thoughts. You are simply standing aloof and away– — indifferent, as if they might be anybody’s thoughts. You have broken your connections with them. Only then can you watch them.

~ Osho, LIFE’S MYSTERIES, Chapter: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master


The whole world is just vibrations; waves and waves.
Our mind is vibrations, our body is all vibrations, thoughts are vibrations and our emotions are all vibrations. But we don’t do anything to improve the vibrations, the positivity in us, isn’t it?!
That something, doing which, your vibrations become very joyful, positive and peaceful, is Meditation.

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar