Meditation !!!

This is what meditation is all about: creating a distance between you and your mind.
Once the distance is there, you will be surprised that the whole mind structure is your imprisonment — you are free from it because you are separate from it. Once you start enjoying the freedom from the mind all goals will disappear, all destinations will disappear.
Mind can only live in goals, because mind can only exist in the future. Mind cannot exist herenow — try to be herenow and try for the mind to continue. You will find it impossible. Either the mind continues, then you are not herenow; or, you are herenow and the mind is no more there. Mind has no present tense at all; either it is past or it is future — it is always in the non-existential. And God is that which exists. God is not a goal, nirvana is not a goal, enlightenment is not a goal, it is not an achievement — just the contrary. When you have forgotten all goals, when you have dropped the whole achieving mind, enlightenment is — enlightenment is a state of no-mind.
And enlightenment is nothing special. It is the most ordinary, natural phenomenon. It looks special because you make a goal out of it. Buddha is the most ordinary human being — ordinary in the sense that he has no mind, he exists in the sheer present. He has no ego, how can he be special? He cannot compare himself with anybody else, he cannot be inferior or superior.
In the present moment, he is not — but a totally different kind of presence happens, which does not belong to the person; it is only a presence, not a person at all. And how can he be special? — Because in the present moment he finds that there is no purpose in life. The whole purpose is mind-imposed.
The trees are there for no purpose at all, and the stars are there for no purpose at all. Purpose is a man-created concept. Rivers are not flowing for any purpose, and the oceans are there not for any purpose. Except for man there is nothing like purpose anywhere else. Life simply is. Existence utterly is — it is not a means to some end; it is an end unto itself.

~ OSHO : The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty, Chapter 14

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