Love is jealous, friendship is not.
You cannot have more than one lover, otherwise you will be in difficulty; but you can have as many friends as possible.
Unless love also rises higher and becomes friendship, the world will remain ugly. Unless man drops jealousy from love, love will not bring bliss.
It brings, on the contrary, much more misery. It gives great hopes of joy, but because of that jealousy they cannot be fulfilled.
The jealous part is always possessive; it is afraid. Out of fear,possessiveness arises; out of fear, clinging arises; out of fear,domination arises.
And whenever we dominate someone, we reduce him to a thing. Whenever we dominate someone, he starts dominating us; it is a mutual phenomenon.
You cannot make anyone a slave without becoming a slave yourself.
But friendship knows nothing of slavery, it knows nothing of possessiveness, it knows nothing of jealousy.
It is the purest form of love.

~ OSHO, Zorba The Buddha

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