Love in Indian Mythology

The God of Love in the Indian mythology is called Apanga. Apanga means ‘one who has no parts of the body at all’. It is so because love has no parts, no shape, and no form. It is formless. He has a bow and five arrows. These five arrows are made up of five flowers – the five senses. He hits you with the five flowers and it is through these five senses that you experience something that is beyond the five senses. What gets created is a wave of beauty deep inside you. It produces a sweet honey inside you!
And when you experience such a wave, your eyes close, you’re not in form but you dissolve into the formless. You come back to your nature. When you experience something so great, so wonderful, and so beautiful be it music, a fragrance or touch automatically your eyes shut and you sink into that ocean of beauty. The power, the energy inside you starts moving in a new direction.
Like in the spring, the entire creation just springs up. The birds sing, trees blossom. Like that when energy is kindled in you, it creates awe. You spring out of dullness, out of the inertia, out of the routine… New life springs up.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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