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Question Answers !

Be more meditative and then you are nearer to me. Once you are totally meditative, you are me. Then there is no difference. One thing more: the more you meditate, the less there will be to be asked. Questions will drop. Questions belong to a non-meditative state of mind. They arise in a non-meditative state more and more. One question is answered, ten arise out of the answer.
Mind is a great question-creating force. It goes on creating questions. You give the answer and the mind jumps on it, tears it down, and creates ten more questions. When you are meditative, less and less questions will be there. This will look paradoxical to you, but it is true and I have to say it: When there are questions, there will be no answers; when there is no question, the answer is there. The answer comes only when you are not questioning. Non-questioning will happen to you through meditation.

~ OSHO – My way: The way of the white clouds.