Get in tune with NATURE !

It is said about Lao Tzu that he was sitting under a tree when he became enlightened, but he was not doing anything. Buddha was meditating; Lao Tzu was not doing anything, not even meditation.
He was just sitting, and an old leaf fell from the tree, started falling, slowly, lazily, like a feather, and he watched it falling, and it settled on the ground… and he became enlightened.
Now, there was no Master, and he was not even meditating. What happened? Just watching the leaf falling? In that very moment, he must have become so tremendously aware, so absorbingly aware, that the mind stopped, there was no thought.
He simply watched the leaf falling. The leaf settled on the ground;
something settled in himself too. He was no longer the same person. The old is dead, the new is born. It is a rebirth.
And this is what I teach you too. So don’t be very calculative and arithmetical; they are not needed for the inner journey. Just be quiet, silent, more and more relaxing, more and more in tune with nature; and more and more, sit with closed eyes, just doing nothing – not even meditating – just doing nothing.
If nothing happens don’t be worried. If you can accept that nothing is happening, that too is okay; then some day something is going to happen which will transform you.

~ OSHO – Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language – CHAPTER 7. ENTER INTO YOUR OWN BODY

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