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Know LOVE !!!

“Love with wisdom is eternal bliss. Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later will bring misery and heart break. If your love is there to help others, nobody can destroy it, but if your love is to get something from the other, sooner or later, it will be broken into pieces.”

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Chakras !!

You would have heard about the seven chakras (energy centers); it is One Energy that manifests itself in various forms.

In the first chakra (Muladhara), at the base of the spine, the energy manifests as enthusiasm or inertia.

When the same life force energy comes to the second chakra (Swadhisthana), it manifests as sexual energy or creative or procreative energy.

The same energy goes up to the navel region, the third chakra (Manipura), and manifests in four different forms, which relate to four different emotions – greed, jealousy, generosity and joy. That is why all these four emotions are depicted through the tummy.
Jealousy is an emotion that one feels in the stomach. Generosity is depicted with a large tummy, e.g., Santa Claus. Joy is also depicted with a big tummy, e.g., Lord Ganesha and the Laughing Buddha.

The same emotion comes to the fourth chakra (Anahata), the heart chakra; manifests as three different emotions which are love, hatred and fear.

When this energy rises to the fifth chakra (Vishuddha), at the level of the throat, it symbolizes grief and gratefulness. When you feel grief, the throat chokes, and when you feel grateful also, the throat chokes.

The same energy then goes in between the eyebrows to the sixth chakra (Ajna), and manifests as anger and alertness. Anger, alertness, knowledge, and wisdom are all related to the third eye centre.

The same energy goes to the seventh chakra (Sahasrara), at the top of the head and manifests as sheer bliss. That is why in any sanctuary experiences, when you feel total bliss, the mind immediately goes to the top of the head. Something shoots up to the top of the head and you feel blissful.

So, the upward movement and downward movements of energy are all the emotions in life.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Witnessing !!!


A:* Whatever you are doing….
For example, right now you are writing. You can write in two ways.

The ordinary way that you always write…. You can try another method: you can write it and you can also inside witness that you are writing it.


A:* A detachment. You are a little distant, away, watching yourself writing.

So any act, just moving my hand, I can watch. Walking on the road, I can watch myself walking. Eating, I can watch.

So whatever you are doing, just remain a witness.


A:* Not at all.

If you have any ego, it will destroy it, because this watching is very much poisonous to the ego.

It is not ego that watches.

The ego is absolutely blind. It cannot watch anything. You can watch your ego.

For example, somebody insults you and you feel hurt, and your ego feels hurt.

You can watch it. You can watch that you are feeling hurt, your ego is feeling hurt, that you are angry.

And you can still remain aloof, detached, just a watcher on the hills. Whatever goes on in the valley you can see.

So all these methods are basically different ways of witnessing.

I have condensed in a very simple way.

First, watch your actions of the body.
Second, watch your actions of the mind: thoughts,
Third, watch your actions of the heart: feelings, love, hate, moods, sadness, happiness.

And if you can succeed in watching all these three, and as your witnessing grows deeper and deeper, a moment comes that there is only witnessing but nothing to witness.

The mind is empty, the heart is empty, the body is relaxed.

In that moment happens something like a quantum leap.

Your whole witnessing jumps upon itself.

It witnesses itself, because there is nothing else to witness.

And this is the revolution which I call enlightenment, self-realization. Or you can give it any name, but this is the ultimate experience of bliss.
You cannot go beyond it.

~ OshO
The Last Testament, Vol 3

Kali Maa deeper secrets revealed !!

Kali maa

Have you ever seen the statue of Kali?
She is the mother and death also, kal, means death so her name is Kali.
And she is the mother, so she is a woman.
She is beautiful, beautiful like a mother. Nobody else can be as beautiful as the mother.
Even if one’s own mother is ugly, she seems beautiful. Nobody thinks in terms of the beauty of the mother, but the mother is beautiful.
Because if you see your mother as ugly, then that means that you are ugly because you are her expansion.
So Kali is beautiful, very beautiful But around her neck she is wearing a garland of human heads.
She is beautiful, but she is Kali- kal, death.
Western thinkers are puzzled over this symbol.
They wonder why a woman should be depicted so horribly, so terrifying.
And you call her mother also!
How frightening it is horrible, be-cause death starts from the one who gives birth.
It is terrible, because death has arrived along with the birth.
The mother has given death as well as life.
So on one side she is as beautiful as the mother, as the source, and on the other end she is like kal, death, as dark as death.
Around her neck is a garland of human heads in her hand she is holding a severed head, blood dripping, and she is standing, with her feet on her husband.
This is a very deep symbol: woman as life, and as death too.
Because death comes from where life comes, these two are the two sides of the same coin.
And nobody else on this earth realized this fact as the Hindus have done.

~ OshO
Bhaj Govindham – The song of ecstasy