I have heard about people who cannot make love in darkness because they would like to watch.
They would like to watch themselves making love.
Flooded with light, they make love. Something is missed.
Love is a mystery and only happens in deep darkness.
The moment you start watching, there love disappears.
You have become a voyeur. Women are more instinctively alert of the phenomenon. They always close their eyes when they make love.
And if they don’t close their eyes you can be certain they belong to the lib. movement. They are trying to be like men, as foolish as men are.
A woman always closes her eyes because it is so tremendously beautiful to be inside and alert.
So much is happening inside… such a flow of energy, such a deep resonance, such music, such silence, such a great dance of orgasmic feelings–who bothers to watch?
One enjoys, one delights in it, one dances in it, one is bathed in it. Who bothers to watch?
I have heard about people who not on need light in their bedroom; they fix mirrors all over so that from every side they can watch themselves making love.
Love is not important; the watching is important. Peeping toms… Looking into others’ bathroom doors and keyholes.
You would like to even look at yourself through your keyhole.
But it is impossible –either you can be in the bathroom or you can be at the keyhole. So people have created many devices.
I have heard about people who have fixed automatic cameras in their bedrooms so they can make love at ease and the camera can go on taking photos and later on they can review the whole thing.
The thing in itself is not important –the reviewing….
This is a disease.
If you pull a tree up to see the roots, the tree will die. The roots have to be left in darkness.
God works more in darkness than in light, because light is a little violating.
A child is born in the deep womb of the mother ..dark, no light enters. There he grows.
A seed grows in the earth, in the dark womb of the earth –there it sprouts, comes up.
All that is beautiful is born in the dark..

~ OSHO – Nirvana,The last nightmare.

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