Ambitions !

Psychologists have become aware that when people start becoming impotent, they start finding some sexual, phallic symbols. If a person becomes impotent then he wants some phallic symbol to replace it. He may try to have the biggest car in the world — that is a phallic symbol. He would like to have the most powerful car in the world; now his own power is lost, his own sexual energy is gone — now he would like a substitute. While rushing his car to the maximum speed, he will feel good — as if he is making love to his woman. The very speed will give him power. He will get identified with the car.
Psychologists have been watching the phenomenon for many years, that people who have a certain inferiority complex always become ambitious. In fact, nobody goes into politics unless he is deeply rooted in an inferiority complex. Politicians are basically inferiority complex people. They have to prove their superiority in some way, otherwise they will not be able to live with their inferiority complex.
What I am trying to point out is: whatsoever you miss within, you try to accumulate something outside as a substitute for it. If you don’t miss your life within, you are enough unto yourself. And only then are you beautiful. And only then you are.

~ OSHO – The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 3

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