Who wakes up first U or GOD ?

Who Wakes Up First? You Or God?
You wake up first. God is still asleep. When you wake up first, you experience pain and pleasure. You become aware of the shortcomings of the world and its beauty. Then you cry for help and seek the ultimate and then you wake up God. And when God is awakened in you, there is no “two”.
When both God and you are asleep, there is inertia. When the “I” is asleep, there is no experience.
God is in you in seed form. When He wakes up, you cease to exist. God is asleep in every particle in this universe. It’s you who wakes up first and then you awaken God. And when God wakes up, neither you nor the world remain.
The rishis made a mockery. They created a practice of awakening God every morning. They call it Suprabhatam service. Many find this ridiculous because they don’t understand the depth of it. Only awakened God can see that God is asleep everywhere.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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