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Freedom n Nature

“But man cannot live naturally continuously because man also has freedom . Sometimes you can eat a little too much – that is your freedom . And sometimes you can go on a fast – that too is your freedom . Man is only animal in the world who has freedom : that is his dignity . But freedom brings dangers . The first danger is that you can go against nature . And nature is so polite that it does not shout , it whispers . Nature is very silent ; its voice is very still and small . It goes on saying , ” don’t do it , don’t do it , don’t do it” , and it goes on tolerating . There is a point beyond which it cannot tolerate and the disease erupts. Now , what is the Physician meant to do ? In the East the physician does not fight disease , the physician is not meant to destroy the disease . The physician is simply meant to bring the man back to nature.” 

~ OSHO – Sufis : The People of the Path , Volume.2 , Chapter # 6 : An Eternal Recurrence