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Ignorance is the first step towards wisdom: to realize that you are not wise, to realize that no trick of hiding it is going to help.
One who realizes that he is ignorant is already on the path.
One who realizes that he is poor is already on the path of the kingdom of God, the real treasure.
One who realizes that he is blind…..his eyes are already opening.
One who realizes that he is deaf will sooner or later become capable of listening.
And then he will know the music of existence.
If you hide it, you help it…..because in darkness it grows, and becomes bigger and bigger, and takes infinite proportions.
Open it to the light and the sky and the air and it dies…..because it cannot live in light.
Ignorance is like the roots of a tree: if you bring them out, they die. In the light they cannot survive. They are the dwellers of darkness; in the pure air they cannot survive. But if you hide, then you help them grow.

~ Osho – The True Sage