Daily Archives: 28th April 2016

Yoga !!!

Yoga is self-effort. Yoga has no priests. It has only masters who have attained by their own effort – and in their light you have to learn how to attain yourself.

Avoid the promises of the priests. They are the most dangerous people on earth, because they don’t allow you to become really discontent. They go on consoling you; and if you are consoled before you have attained, you are cheated, you are deceived.

Yoga believes in effort, in tremendous effort. One has to become worthy. One has to earn God; you have to pay the cost. Someone once asked the former Prince of Wales, “What is your idea of civilization?”
“It is a good idea,” replied the prince. “Somebody ought to start it.

The yoga is not just an idea it is a practice, it is abhyas , it is a discipline, it is a science of inner transformation. And remember, nobody can start it for you. You have to start it for yourself. Yoga teaches you to trust yourself; yoga teaches you to become confident of yourself. Yoga teaches you that the journey is alone. A master can indicate the way, but you have to follow it.

~ OSHO – Yoga: The Science of Living.