Follow the Master or Yourself?

You should follow either absolutely, or not at all. No compromise should be made, because anything half-hearted is not only useless but harmful. Anything half-hearted divides you –that is the harm. You should remain an undivided unity. So either surrender totally…then there is no need to think on your part; follow blindly. I emphasize the word blindly –as if you have no eyes; somebody who has eyes is leading you. Then you will remain an undivided unity; and undivided, integrated, you will grow. Or, if you feel this is impossible and cannot be done, don’t follow at all. Completely follow yourself. Then too you will remain undivided.To remain undivided is the end, the aim. Both will do, the ultimate result will be the same. If you can be alone, without a master, if you can follow your own consciousness, wheresoever it leads, it is the same, the result will be the same. So it depends on you.

~ OSHO – My way: The way of the white clouds.

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