Mind games !

Mind is very much afraid of doing good.

Why is mind afraid of doing good?
For two reasons.
One: to do good is nonnourishing to the mind; mind is nourished by doing evil, by doing bad.
For example, if you say no, mind is strengthened; if you say yes, mind is not strengthened. Hence mind is never interested in saying yes to anything.

Mind is basically atheistic.
It enjoys saying no;
no is its power.
Negativity is its food;
it eats negativity.
Positivity is its death.

Try to say no and you start feeling powerful.

Whenever you say no, whenever you can manage to say no, you feel powerful.

Whenever you have to say yes you feel humiliated, as if something has been done against yourself.

To say a total yes is to destroy the mind totally, and to remain in a total no is to remain in the mind, in the ego.

~ OSHO – Dhammapada ( Vol-4)

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