Daily Archives: 16th December 2015

Christs !!!

The word “Christ” comes from the Sanskrit word “Krishna”.

“Krishna” has traveled into different countries, and by and by, when it reached Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, it had become “Christ”.
Even in one Indian language, Bengali, Krishna is called “Christo”. And from “Christo” to “Christ”, the word has not to travel too far. Christ simply means Krishna. Christ simply means the ultimate flowering of consciousness, the one-thousand- petaled lotus flowering.

Jesus is only one of the Christs;
there have been many before him.
Abraham was one, Moses was one,
Lao Tzu was one, Chuang Tzu was one,  Zarathustra was one, Krishna was one,
Buddha was one.
And after Christ there have been many Christs…
Nanak, Kabir, Al-Hillaj Man- soor,
St Francis, Ramakrishna, Raman…
it is a long line of enlightened people.
You can call all them Christs.

~ Osho – The Wild Geese And The Water