You can not become ONE in love. you can only have an illusion of becoming one in love.And that is the great desire – how to be one, how to be one with the whole. how to fall in rapport with reality, how to disappear utterly. Because if you are , there is misery ; if you are, there is anguish ; if you are, there is anxiety.
The very ego creates the problem. when you melt and disappear, when you become one, there is nobody left behind. You are just a wave in this eternal ocean of existence. You don’t have a center of your own; the center of the whole has become your center. Then anxiety disappears, the anguish disappears, then the potential has become actual. This is what is called ” Enlightenment “, this is what is called ” NIRVANA ” or ” God realisation” .

~ OSHO – chapter #4 : Love cannot deliver the goods,
Sufis : The people of path , vol:1

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