Where is GOD ?

THE moment you ask ‘Where is God?’ you have raised a wrong question.
Because God cannot be indicated anywhere. He is not in a particular direction, He is not a particular thing, He is not a particular being.
God is universality.
Ask where God is not, then you have asked the right question. But for that right question you will have to prepare the soil of your heart.
That’s what I mean by love – preparing the soil of your heart. If you are full of love, the world is full of God – they go parallel, they are part of one symphony.
God is the echo from the universe. When you are in love, the echo is there. When you are not in love, how can there be an echo?
It is only you who are reflected again and again in millions of ways, it is you who are thrown back to yourself again and again.
If you are in love, God is.
If you are not in love, then what to say about God? – even you are not.

~ OSHO – This Very Body the Buddha, Ch 1

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