Drop your fantasies

“But even in looking at a movie you get caught. You know well there is only a white screen and nothing else and shadows are moving on it, but have you watched people sitting in a movie house? A few start crying when something tragic is happening on the screen. Their tears start coming. Just see: there is nothing real on the screen, but the tears are very real. The unreal is bringing tears? People reading a story in a book become so excited. Or seeing a picture of a nude woman become sexually aroused. Just see, there is nothing. Just a few lines — nothing else. Just a little ink spread on the paper. But their sexual arousal is very real.
This is the tendency of the mind: to get caught with the objects, become identified with them.
Catch yourself red-handed as many times as you can. Again, again, catch yourself red handed and drop the object. Suddenly you will feel a coolness, all excitement gone. The moment you realize there is only the screen and nothing else, for what am I getting so much excited, for what…. The whole world is a screen, and all that you are seeing there are your own desires projected; and whatsoever you want, you start projecting and believing. This whole world is a fantasy.
And remember, you all don’t live in the same world. Every. body has his own world because his fantasies are different from the others. The truth is one; fantasies are as many as there are minds.
If you are in a fantasy you cannot meet the other person, you cannot communicate with the other. He is in his fantasy. That is what is happening: when people want to relate they cannot relate.
Somehow they miss-each other. Lovers, wives, friends, husbands, miss each other, go on missing. And they are very much worried over why they cannot communicate. They wanted to say something, but the other understands some. thing else. And they go on saying, ”I never meant this,” but the other goes on hearing something else.
What is happening? The other lives in his fantasy; you live in your own fantasy. He is projecting some other film on the same screen; you are projecting some other film on the same screen. That’s
why a relationship becomes such an anxiety, anguish. One feels to be alone is to be good and happy, and whenever you move with somebody you start getting into a mire, into a hell. When Sartre says, he says through experience: ”The other is hell.” But the other is not creating the hell; just two fantasies clashing, just two worlds of dreams clashing.
Communication is possible only when you have dropped your fantasy world and the other has dropped his fantasy world. Then two beings face each other — and they are not two, because the twoness drops with the world of fantasy. Then they are one.”

~ OSHO, Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 8 Chapter #7

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