The myth of 330 million Hindu Gods

In sanskrit 33 KOTIS was misinterpreted as 33 Crores but actually 33 KOTIS meant 33 TYPES. SO in short Hindus/Sanatanis worshipped 33 Types of Devtas (Celestial/divine beings)

The details of them are as follows

Of these 31 forces
– Eleven Rudras are forces/factors that operate the world of Physics
– Twelve Adityas are forces/factors that operate the world of Chemistry and
– Eight Vasus are the forces/factors that operate the world of Biology.

The twelve diff Adityas corresponds to twelve diff months are as follows.
Ansh (Due Share)
Aryaman (Nobility)
Bhaag (Due inheritance)
Dhatri / Daksha (ritual skill)
Tvashtra (crafting skill)
Mitra (friendship)
Pushan (Prosperity)
Savitra/Parjanya (power of word)
Vivasan/Surya (social law)
Varun (fate)
Vaman (cosmic law)

The diff eight VASUS are as follows
Prithvi – Earth
Jal – Water
Agni – Fire
Vayu – Air
Aakash – Ether
Soma – Moon
Surya – Sun
Naskhatra – Stars

The diff eleven type of Rudras include

Thus totaling – 31

The balance two Devtas include

Indra – Also called the king of the DEVTAS

Prajapati – Also called the creator DEVTA responsible for creation

These DEVTAS or evolved beings or Celestial beings effects our physical mental spiritual psychological health in every possible way & hence they were respected & worshipped in the Vedic times. These worship is important for the Sansari people (worldly people) for the fulfilment of the two Purusharthas i.e. Artha & Kaama out of the four Purusharthas of Dharma Artha Kaama Moksha.

However on the advancement of a seeker to Spritual Plane or on the path to Enlightment, the worship of these Gods may not be necessary as the ultimate aim of liberation is achieved.

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