Guru is Brahma Vishnu & Mahesh

There are three forces: Brahma Shakti, Vishnu Shakti, and Shiva Shakti. You may have one of these dominant.
Brahma Shakti is the force to create something new. Vishnu Shakti is the ability to maintain.
Shiva Shakti infuses new life or destroys the old and brings transformation.
Some of you may have Brahma Shakti. You may create something well, but you may not be able to maintain it. For example, you may make friends fast, but your friendships do not last long.
Some of you cannot create but you are good at maintaining – for example, those who have long-lasting friendships but who have difficulty in making new friends. Here Vishnu Shakti is dominant. Some of you have more Shiva Shakti. You can bring in new life or transformation, or you can destroy the whole setup.
With Guru Shakti, all these three shaktis have blossomed fully. So identify which Shakti you have more of and aspire for Guru Shakti.
Guru makes a group, but a group cannot make a Guru.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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