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Understanding Shiva

What is the scientific significance of Shiva’s third eye?
Tryambaka comes from the roots tri meaning 3 and Ambaka which means eyes.
The name Tryambaka for Shiva thus is said to mean Shiva the 3 eyed.
Modern physiology indicates the presence of a gland called the pineal gland in the brain, behind and between the eyebrows which is considered to be the focal point for concentration. The 3rd eye of Shiva is also but a way to remind us to open our eyes and see, experience Shiva in all the three states, Arupa – the Formless state, Rupa Arupa – the Formless Form state and Rupa – the Formful state.
The third eye is to realize Shiva in His formless Arupa state which is at once vast, terrific and terrifying.

Courtesy – Bharathgyan