Faith Is Your Wealth
Faith is a wealth. If you think, by having faith in God you are doing a favour to God, you are mistaken. Faith gives you strength instantaneously. Faith brings you stability, centeredness, calmness and love. You having Faith In The Guru Or God, Does Not Do Anything To Guru Or God. Your Having Faith Gives You Immediate Strength. Faith is a great wealth; it is a blessing.
If you lack faith, you have to pray for faith. But to pray, you need faith. This is a paradox. (Laughter)
People have faith in the world – but the whole world is just a soap bubble. People have faith in themselves – but they don’t know who they are. People think that they have faith in God – but they have no idea of God. If you want to doubt, you have to doubt everything
There are three types of faith : faith in yourself, faith in the world, and faith in God. You need to have faith in yourself — without faith, you think, I can’t do this. This is not for me. I will never be liberated in this life. You must have faith in the world. Without this, you cant move an inch in the world. Banks give you loans having faith that you will pay it back. You deposit money in the bank having faith that it will be returned. If you doubt everything in the world, nothing will happen. The same is the case with faith in the Divine – have faith in the Divine and you will evolve. All these faiths are connected. You must have all three for each to be strong.

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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