Forces of Creation !!

Three Forces of Creation
This universe has been in existence continuously for billions of years.
What are the basic forces of Nature that keep it going this way?
In the building blocks of creation, there are three quarks. These 3 quarks create stability in the creation process. The three quarks are expressed as three colours for want of any other name. The colours of the quarks are not discernable.
Dr.Archana Sharma, Senior Physicist, CERN, says, “At the time of Creation, once the God Particle makes its presence felt, under the influence of its field, 3 quarks group together to make up a stable proton and many other particles which form the constituents of matter. These are formed within nano seconds after the Big Bang. When 2 come together, they do not form a stable particle again. 3 are needed for a stable proton to take shape.”
Indian thought has a similar concept expressed as Trigunatmikaprakrithi, where the soul, the essence of the universe is made of three subtle characteristics. It is these that keep the universe ceaselessly flowing from inception to infinity.
Tri means “three”, Guna means “characteristic attributes”, Atmika is that which comes from Atma, the soul, “the subtle basis of everything” and Prakrithi means Nature “the very nature of this universe”.
Trigunatmikaprakrithi is that which naturally possess three attributes of which this whole Creation is sustained by.
While this insight is from tradition Indian knowledge, modern research also speaks the need of the three forces that keep the universe in a continuously flowing state.

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